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Responsible Tourism

Eco-tourism is more than a catch-phrase. Increasingly India is encouraging tourism that is minimally intrusive or destructive to the environment, and which strengthens native cultures and local economies. Mysteries of India, where it is possible, supports this initiative by using services and hotels that share these values.

Examples of ways that hotels are incorporating these ideas, often very creatively, include actively encouraging the use of appropriate local practices, materials, art, crafts, architecture and food products. Introducing energy saving practices, water harvesting, use of solar and other natural energy sources. Establishing good waste management practices, especially for non-bio degradable materials, and low pollution-generating practices that minimize their carbon footprint.

There are also now many smaller hotels and home stays of quality throughout India which offer unique character, genuine hospitality and charm, and perhaps the opportunity to have a more personal experience of local life. Larger hotels, especially outside of major cities, often provide employment opportunities for many types of trades, skills, talents and products in communities where there were previously few outlets.

Responsible tourism benefits many.