Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

Economic development is often achieved at the cost of the environment with human encroachment and rampant pollution posing primary challenges to sustainable and holistic growth. However, there is an opportunity to reimagine the face of luxury eco-tourism in India in a manner that is future-ready and sustainable. The urgent need for today is to utilise our natural resources sustainably with a focus on minimising their depletion and pollution.

Responsible tourism is more than a catch-phrase. Increasingly India is encouraging tourism that is minimally intrusive or destructive to the environment, and which strengthens native cultures and local economies. Mysteries of India, where it is possible, supports this initiative by using services and hotels that share these values.

Examples of ways that hotels are incorporating these ideas, often very creatively, include actively encouraging the use of appropriate local practices, materials, art, crafts, architecture and food products. Introducing energy saving practices, water harvesting, use of solar and other natural energy sources. Establishing good waste management practices, especially for non-bio degradable materials, and low pollution-generating practices that minimize their carbon footprint.

At the heart of our sustainability vision is not only the commitment to reduce our impact on the shared environment but also to contribute toward a positive change. We strive to encourage avenues for economic well-being for the host communities that we co-exist with and charm our guests with authentic & holistic experiences.

Responsible tourism benefits many and to achieve this we are proud member and supporter of ” TOFT -Travel Operator For Tigers” which is a collective campaign and global alliance – with all those involved in saving nature – governments, communities and visitors – to ensure we help sustain an eco friendly nature.

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