The Kingdom of Bhutan is a small landlocked state, located at the eastern end of the Himalayas and bordered to the south, east and west by India. Its long insulation from the world outside has made it an exotic and enigmatic land, its culture and way of life out of time with modernity. The “Land of the Thunder Dragon” is set in the Himalayas, with soaring snow-capped mountains in the north giving way to fertile cultivated foothills before dropping to semi-tropical forest and savannah grassland.

Early history is obscure but considered to have begun around 2,000 BC. Recorded history really begins in the 9th century when Tibetan Buddhism was introduced. Beautiful monasteries (Dzongs) are to be found throughout the country. Bhutan existed as a patchwork of minor warring fiefdoms until the early 17th century, when the area was unified.

Bhutan is unique, reflecting a spiritual people, whose gracious culture has evolved in a spectacular, almost inaccessible landscape that has shaped their lives. A constitutional monarchy only since 2008, the recent change to democracy heralds closer links to the outside world, including a warm welcome for visitors, while carefully protecting a distinct cultural identity.

Whether you choose a classical tour to cultural centres, trekking the old trade routes to remote villages, mountain biking in the foothills, bird watching – or a combination of these, Bhutan is a unique holiday experience.

Bhutan’s altitude ranges, from sub-tropical valleys to alpine peaks, and its busy festival calendar means you can visit Bhutan during much of the year to explore its attractions and witness colourful festivals. The ideal time for trekking and for travelling throughout the country is autumn, from late September to late November, when skies are generally clear and the high mountain peaks rise to a vivid blue sky. Spring, from March to May, is the second best time to visit Bhutan. Though there are more clouds and rain than in the autumn, the magnificent rhododendrons, magnolias and other wildflowers are in bloom and birdlife is abundant.

We can formulate an itinerary for you either as a dedicated visit to Bhutan or combined with visiting India and/or Nepal. Hotel accommodation in Bhutan is designated by the Bhutanese Tourist Authority and cannot be preselected. Please contact us for more information, answers to questions or to discuss a program designed for you.