CGH Earth Spice Coast Cruises

Tour: CGH Earth Spice Coast Cruises

A way to get intimate with the bewitching waterways of the Vembanad lake in the heartland of Kerala.

The Spice Coast Cruises give you a taste of a unique way of life that was extant in these parts. You get to journey upon a ‘Kettuvallam’, a traditional houseboat, that was once used to carry cargoes of rice and spices up and down these same waterways for centuries. The service and food onboard also faithfully capture a dying tradition of the backwaters for you to sample first hand.

Made from natural materials, these spice boats are powered with solar energy and vegetable oils to reduce their impact upon the lake. The crew of these boats are simple fisher folk, men who know these waters from their early years. However, they do more than just pilot these behemoths, alternating between navigating the waterways, preparing meals for the guests onboard and generally keeping things ‘shipshape’.

The ensuite bedroom cabins with all amenities are comfortable spaces to relax or rest deeply. They provide both privacy and protection from insects and the elements while keeping you intimately connected to nature around. Your sleep will be gilded with the rhythmic cries of cicadas on the shore and the gentle lapping of water against the sides of your floating bedroom as it weighs anchor at night at the lake’s centre, awaiting dawn.

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