Satpura National Park, the history goes back to 1862 when James Forsyth dwelled in Satpura region as forest conservator. The park covers the area of over 1427 sq km along with Bori & Pachmarhi wildlife sanctuaries.

The terrain of the national park is extremely rugged and consists of fascinating deep valleys, sandstone peaks, narrow gorges, rivulets, waterfalls, thick dense green forest of Sal and other medicinal herbs, it also has large tracts of Teak forests.
Madhya Pradesh
Game drives by Jeep, Boat Safari, Walking and Elephant Safari. Probably the best park for night safari in buffer zone.
Leopards, Tigers, Sloth Bear, Indian Wild Dogs, hordes of Indian Gaur, Four horned antelopes, Barking Deers Malabar Giant and flying Squirrels, Marsh Crocodiles etc. Fantastic place for birding.
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