Once the Gond Kings ruled the region of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve and probably the most exciting forest for the hunters offering a great landscape of cliffs, caves lakes and boulder strewn consisting a great biodiversity.

Approximately 117sq km of the area was declared as Tadoba National park in 1955 and then in 1986 another 509 sqkms adjacent to the reserve was notified as Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. In 1993 both the sanctuaries were combined to bring under the umbrella of Project Tiger.

The park is open all year around and offers the opportunity to explore it during the monsoon season too.
Game drives by Jeep
Other than the Tiger it is home to Leopards, Sloth Bears, Gaur, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, Civets, Jungle Cats and many species of the Indian Deer like Sambar, Cheetal, Nilgai, and the Barking Deer. The Tadoba lake sustains the Marsh Crocodile also an ornithologist's paradise with a varied diversity of aquatic bird-life, and raptors.
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