AbbotsFord, Nainital

AbbotsFord, Nainital

As entire Nainital turning in to bustling and noisy, A century and half long standing Abbotsford emanating the same traditional warmth, charm and elegance.

Right from when it was built in 1876 by an Englishman called John Hope Simpson, Esquire of the Indian Civil Service in the erstwhile United Province of Agra and Oudh, through 1903 when it was taken over by the Prasada, till now, when the fourth generation of the family have re-imagined the place as an exquisite boutique destination

Probably the oldest heritage asset in the vicinity offers the suites designed in the old architectural fashion full of natural light an essential in a boutique hill home. Antique and contemporary furniture compliments the contrasting textured walls of the rooms. Seasoned pinewood covers the floors, and the rooms have a fabulous view of the peaks and the sounds of chirping birds and rustling trees. All rooms are individually heated and equipped with cable TV. Bathrooms are decorated with colorful Vietri tiles. All have a shower and are scented with the essence of products of Forest Essentials. Wi-Fi access is there in the common area.

Abbotsford is known for its farm to table food preference. Fresh salads, seasonal greens, rare yams, hill lentils, spices and herbs are used in our Kumaoni thali that offers an array of local flavours from the region.

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