Raajkutir, Kolkata

Raajkutir, Kolkata

Set in the heart of Kolkata, this stately manor hotel will enfold you in the time of the Great Bengal Renaissance. The rich, experiential slice of Kolkata’s colonial history is faithfully recreated across Raajkutir’s 33 rooms and 13.5 acres of lush green expanse.

Raajkutir is designed on the lines of a traditional Bengali ‘Raajbari’ – a style of architecture that defined the sprawling homes of wealthy landowners. The hotel is built around a vast traditional courtyard. The entrance is flanked by sculptures of lions depicting royalty.
A majestic rural Botthhtola with sacred threads hanging from an old Banyan tree and a Durga idol, harks back to a typical welcome setting of the nineteenth century. Vintage artefacts like a huge brass Pradip and a life-size horse carriage are strewn around the property like souvenirs of a forgotten time. Ever so gently, the aura of the opulent mansion and grounds will draw you into the grandeur of times past.

All 33 rooms and suites are aesthetically designed and are adorned with vintage, Bengali-themed artifacts which encapsulate the spirit of the Great Bengal Renaissance Era with artifacts and wallpaper. The vintage furniture and fittings evoke the lifestyle of the time, cocooning you in the same comfort and ease as was once experienced by wealthy landowners in a bygone age

Every furniture, fitting and artifact immerses you further in the grandeur of a long-forgotten century.

Be it the era-authentic cuisines from the British Colonial & Bengali Zamindari era or the special Victorian High Tea , be rest assured for an extravagant palate-tingling culinary experience at Raajkutir.

The East India Room: The authentic cuisines from the British Colonial & Bengali Zamindari era.

The Swig: Chinese Speciality Restaurant.

Loafer’s Café:
At 2,000 square foot colonial-concept café, you can enjoy an authentic Victorian High Tea with true, aristocratic English fare like scones, muffins, tea cakes, tarts and freshly baked artisanal breads.

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