Bera Safari Lodge, Bera

The lodge is just an extension of the residence of the owners Shatrunjay and his wife Katyayani. The guests are heartily welcomed and assured of an insightful experience of Bera. Katyayani overlooks the running of the Lodge with grace and pride while Shatrunjay organises all the activities that the lodge offers.
Simplistic, comfortable and spacious, the cottages are spread over a ten-acre estate, each of the five cottages are designed to look out to the wilderness outside and famous Liloda hill. The cottages are large and well-lit with picture windows stretching end to end to give you glimpses of nature and the wild right from the comfort of your bed. It is also a design element to keep the wilderness and nature in your proximity.
Guests are mostly served together in the large dining room, though you can request for a private dining or service in your room. Cuisine is the robust Rajasthani Cuisine with a smattering for comfort foods for those off-days.

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