CGH Swaswara, Gokarna

CGH Swaswara, Gokarna

Next to the famous OM beach, SwaSwara is designed for a transformational experience; a space where the beauty of the ocean and the magnificence of the wilderness come together with the healing touch of Ayurveda, the calming strength of Yoga, the joy of art exploration.
SwaSwara is a sanctuary for Prakruti or the innermost nature of an individual – that special blend of qualities and features that grant it uniqueness!

The dwelling units at SwaSwara are villas that invite to revel in the open and green spaces that have been created within the confines of your walls. These afford privacy, yet open up to the skies and exposes nature in its full bounty to the senses. A yoga deck on the second level offers spectacular views of the countryside and ocean while also serving as a perfect nook for Yoga practices.

Dining Options
Anmaya Beach Restaurant & Cocum Restaurants
At SwaSwara. Good food- planned and appropriate – is an intrinsic part of wellness. They are chosen made with care to hasten the process of wellness in you.

The preferred food that is grown in harmony with nature, ripened naturally on healthy soil and cooked with an air of mindfulness. The fresh produce – from the organic vegetable farm at SwaSwara and the neighbourhood – consists of seasonal tropical fruits, vegetables and freshly caught seafood.
For those on the Swa Wellbeing, wine is offered.
The menu does not feature meats, hard liquor, refined sugar or refined flour.

Art Exploration
The art studio at SwaSwara invites you to experiment with a wide range of creative activities that include tribal Warli painting, water colors on handmade paper, origami and clay work on a traditional potter’s wheel. So roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and let your right brain lead you where it will.

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