CGH Visalam, Chettinad

CGH Visalam, Chettinad

More than a century ago this splendid house Visalam was built by KVAL Ramanathan Chettiar for his eldest daughter.
However, Visalam never became the lively family home it was intended to be and was used only for occasional family gatherings.
A half-century later it passed on to CGH Earth bringing with it an unparalleled legacy and a technical challenge of the highest order to restore this masterpiece while remaining faithful to its original conception.
No sweeping changes were made to the building’s interiors except to partition its vast halls into comfortable guest rooms from which to experience a palpable presence of the past.

The rooms and suites at Visalam, A veritable museum, having preserved almost everything of its original character and interiors from the time it was built almost a century ago.
The rooms are large with high ceilings, gleaming floors and polished windows and doors that characterize comfort and luxury of a very warm and intimate kind.

Chetiinad- The Cuisine Incredible!!!
Think Chettinad cuisine and you are likely to think of a playground for spices. If you are a food lover in search of new gastronomic adventures then Visalam will have plenty for you to savor and recall for a long time to come.
And If you are given to the exacting but enjoyable art of cooking, take part in our interactive kitchen sessions during your stay with us and learn the fine secrets that lie behind this singular cuisine of southern India.
The Terrace Grill, Pool café and Garden café are always there to fill the gap.

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