Habre’s Nest, Kaiakata

Habre’s Nest, Kaiakata

Habre’s Nest Homestay, Tinchuley Forest, Indo-Nepal Singalila Mountain Ridge

Habre’s Nest is an Indo-Nepal Sustainable Eco-tourism project for Research & Conservation of Red Panda & its habitat.

Habre’s nest offer an authentic and local homestay experience which is the result of hard labour and dedication of all 15-20 Local people. They built this Homestay themselves & monitors the surrounding Red Panda habitat for its conservation and research. This home has only four rooms to offer to make it more focused and exclusive.

These people are undoubtedly the best trackers around with 100% success rate since the past 8 years. The home has been the host to over 600 guests from different parts of the world and from different backgrounds, right from Scientists, Celebrity, Motivators to Common Wildlife Tourists.

Unlike resorts & lodges at Habre’s Nest, guests are part of a villager’s homes and experience their life. Also, the major source of the funds as 20% of its profit goes for the Red Panda & its habitat conservation to “Wildlife Awareness Trust for Environment & Research” (WATER).
The Red Pandas are hugely threatened in today’s world which is pushing them further towards extinction; we all need to save them for a better world.

Best Time to Visit: Different Seasons are Best for Different Settings.

1. September-November: Red Panda’s favourite Kiwi & Sarbus Fruit + Colours of Autumn + Clear Sky.+ Good Birding.
2. December-January: Red Panda mating season Chances of Snowfall + Fall Colors + Mostly clear sky+ Good Birding.
3. February-March: Red Panda with Baby time + Chances of Snowfall + The Fragrance of Defny + Mostly clear sky+ Very Good Birding.
4. April-Mid May: Singalila in Bridal Colors of Rhododendron & Red Panda + Magnolia + Orchids + Cloud activity.+ Best Birding.
5. Mid May-Mid June: Orchids + Cobra Lily Time+ Wild Strawberry Red Panda in Rain & into the Clouds+ Very Good Birding.

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