IHCL SeleQtions Gateway, Chikmagalur

IHCL SeleQtions Gateway, Chikmagalur
IHCL SeleQtions Gateway Chikmagalur

Nestled amidst the tranquil charm of Chikmagalur, the Gateway resort stands as an exquisite fusion of colonial architectural opulence and contemporary efficiency. Tailored to the discerning preferences of modern voyagers, luxurious haven amidst the natural splendor presents an avant-garde sojourn.
The property, steeped in heritage, showcases a resplendent colonial façade that harks back to a bygone era of architectural finesse. A centerpiece of this refined establishment is the colonial-style restaurant, an epitome of elegance, where an array of delectable Malanadu cuisine is exclusively curated.
The accommodations, fashioned in the style of charming cottages, offer not only splendid abodes but also private sitting areas that beckon relaxation. As the sun dips below the horizon, guests can gather around the evening bonfire, and young patrons can revel in the dedicated kids’ game room. The realm of amusement extends further with an array of indoor and outdoor games, an inviting playground, and bicycles available upon request.
Elevating the experience, extending a warm welcome to the four-legged companions, enabling families to watch their furry members delight in a joyous and perfectly orchestrated holiday. Adding a touch of nostalgia to the affair, guests can partake in evening High Tea on the sprawling lawns, evoking memories of days gone by.
To rejuvenate the senses, an Ayurveda massage center awaits, offering a blissful haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. For those seeking to explore the environs, nature walks, invigorating treks, and enlightening coffee tours are at their disposal.
As a crowning jewel, the Gateway resort provides privileged access to the esteemed Chikmagalur Golf Club, although certain conditions apply. This final touch ensures that the patrons’ desires for luxury, leisure, and modern comforts are fulfilled in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty

Gateway Chikmagalur
Gateway, Chikmagalur is a rare blend of colonial architecture and contemporary efficiency. With facilities and amenities designed to the taste of modern travellers, our luxury resort in Chikmagalur offers a new-age experience in the lap of nature.
Heritage property featuring Colonial architecture
A colonial-style restaurant with exclusive Malanadu Cuisine

Cottage style rooms with private sitting area
Evening Bonfire, Kids game room, Indoor and outdoor games, playground and bicycle on request

Pet Friendly – Experience Chikmagalur and witness your furry family relish the funfilled holiday pawfectly
Relive the past with evening High Tea at the lawns
Ayurveda massage centre

Nature walk, Trekking & Coffee Tour
Exclusive Access to Chikamgalur Golf Club – Conditions apply

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