Neeleshwar Hermitage, Kasaragod

Neeleshwar Hermitage, Kasaragod

Embark on a Transformative Journey at Neeleshwar Hermitage
Neeleshwar Hermitage is a hidden gem situated within a secluded palm grove along the picturesque Arabian Sea in Northern Kerala. This extraordinary destination goes beyond the typical hotel experience, aiming to provide guests with a truly enriching and rejuvenating stay.
Relax in the perfect environment carefully crafted to free you from the daily bustle, where the Ayurvedic spa, expansive infinity pool, lush gardens, and diverse culinary offerings orchestrate a symphony of relaxation and holistic well-being. Each detail has been thoughtfully woven into an unobtrusive tapestry of personalized service, enhancing your stay and making it a memorable journey beyond time.
Neeleshwar Hermitage spans twelve acres of natural landscaping, meticulously designed according to Kerala Vastu principles. The traditional wood-and-thatch architecture harmoniously merges with contemporary elements, invoking a serene oasis. Overlooking an unspoiled sandy beach stretching as far as the eye can see, the location offers safe swimming in the azure sea.
The attentive staff exemplifies Keralan hospitality, tending to your every need. From the moment you’re greeted with the signature coconut drink to the farewells that come with genuine smiles, your comfort is of paramount concern.
Located in the unexplored gem of Northern Kerala, Neeleshwar Hermitage unveils empty beaches bordered by coconut plantations, tranquil waterways, and lush hillside spice gardens against the backdrop of the vast ocean. With convenient accessibility via Mangalore and Calicut international airports, this haven beckons explorers seeking both luxury and enlightenment.
The name, ‘ Neeleshwar Hermitage,’ is a fusion of cultures, blending European princely retreats with traditional Indian motifs. ‘Neeleshwar,’ Sanskrit for ‘the Blue Lord,’ embodies the presence of Shiva, the god of Transformation and Yoga. The architectural design and artistic elements pay homage to this spiritual essence, offering guests a profound 200% experience: 100% material indulgence and 100% spiritual inspiration.
Discover ultimate tranquillity in the 18 detached cottages, each mirroring the grace of traditional fishermen’s huts. From sea view to private pool options, each cottage embodies uniqueness. Crafted with local laterite stone and adorned with handcrafted woodwork, teak floors, and antique and contemporary art pieces, they ensure both comfort and charm.
At Neeleshwar Hermitage, experience the extraordinary where luxury converges with spirituality, creating a transformative escape that echoes through time.

Restaurants & Cuisine

The Annapurna restaurant, dedicated to the Goddess of Nourishment, is the centre of the site. Annapurna specialises in authentic, predominantly vegetarian food not usually seen in hotels. Our cooking skills are honed by ayurvedic teaching on the importance of attending to the appearance, balance, flavour, enjoyment and nutritional effects of any dish.
The Annapurna dining room consumes virtually no energy. Its elegant pillared lateral spaces are open to the verdant gardens on all sides, allowing a sea-cooled breeze to circulate, while the warmer air is released upwards through the large, open light well that stands in the centre of the hall. With such natural ventilation secured, there is no need of air-conditioning, which is very costly in energy terms, and during the day, no need of any electricity. What light is needed after dark is subdued and comes from small and localised sources, while the dining tables and sitting areas are lit by candles.
We also have a beachside restaurant, the Meenakshi, named after another local goddess. Here you can enjoy superb fresh fish caught by the local long boats that go out each morning, as well as breakfast, healthy lunchtime salads and delicious light meals.
Bar and Drinks
There are two bar areas in the hotel: the Annapurna bar in the main restaurant and the Varuna bar overlooking the pool. Both are cosy and intimate spaces where you can relax with old friends or make new ones.

Ayurveda Spa
During your stay with us, we aim to nourish your body, mind and soul through authentic and delicious food, the charm of our staff and the Ayurvedic practices for which Kerala is renowned – massage, meditation and yoga.
Staying with us you have a rare chance to step out of life’s demanding routine, get back in touch with yourself and revitalize your life in a truly holistic way.
Our Wellness Programme.
CONSULTATION with a doctor
Any treatments you choose at Neeleshwar are preceded by a complimentary consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Dilna
She can recommend holistic treatments and activities to help you make maximum benefit of your stay, and if necessary advise on an appropriate food menu to be followed throughout your stay. In addition to the wide range of Ayurvedic programmes, some Western spa treatments are available to help you feel rested and rejuvenated.
At Neeleshwar we practise genuine Ayurvedic treatments in the traditional way, in collaboration with the Sahayadri Foundation, one of the few 100% organic herbal medicine manufacturers in India. We take great care to ensure that all the preparations we use are completely natural and organically produced, and are sourced in a way that does not impact negatively on the environment. To do this we employ disadvantaged tribal groups in the Sahayadri mountains in Kerala, guaranteeing them stable employment, fair wages and social improvements. We operate from a menu of twenty Ayurvedic treatments, both general and localised.
Priya Spa
The Priya Ayurvedic Spa has five spacious treatment rooms ranged around a central courtyard garden. The building has been designed along traditional lines with beautifully proportioned ceilings and elegantly carved pillars. The whole place is airy and well ventilated, with a wonderful calming atmosphere in which treatments are practised in an unhurried and quiet way. We ensure that all the preparations we use are 100% natural, organically produced and sourced in a way that does not impact negatively on the environment.

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