Raas Jodhpur, Jodhpur

Raas Jodhpur, Jodhpur

Raas Jodhpur – the first boutique hotel of the city, melding modern luxury comforts with the classic Jodhpur elements, including a step-well. The architectural material and décor apart, the warm Rajasthani hospitality at RAAS stands out.
Set in the cloistered and narrow lanes of the walled city, it does take all your imagination to figure how such a monumental restoration would have taken place through the crowded lanes.

The hotel has forty rooms and suites, each of which had been constructed to distinctive design principles. The signature style balances the historic charm of the original Rajput residence and the sleekness and simplicity of contemporary design.

Garden Room: Each of the four Garden Rooms combines historic charm and modern-day luxury in its design. Spread over 480 square feet, with its own private garden and interior design modelled on natural forms and floral patterns.

Heritage Suite: The most lavishly decorated suites are the three Heritage Suites, located in the original 18th-century Rajput residence. Whilst preserving the old-world charm of the mansion, these suites are equipped with all modern amenities to create a luxurious blend of historic and contemporary. The elevated platform in the front presents a stunning panorama of Mehrangarh Fort, while the back of the suite faces the splendidly landscaped hotel gardens.

Stepwell Suite: A Heritage Suite overlooking the magnificent 1740 built stepwell, hidden for decades, now adopted by RAAS. Pristine views of Blue City, Mehrangarh Fort from the bedroom. The Suite has a large outdoor seating area.

Luxury Room: Revel in the opulence of your surroundings in one of our 28 Luxury Rooms, with a view of the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort filling the sky. The rooms are decorated in a contemporary style and monochromatic colour scheme that contrasts spectacularly with the hand-crafted red sandstone windows and Jodhpur cityscape.

DINING OPTIONS: At RAAS Jodhpur, there are 5 unique options to choose from, most of which offer a glorious view of the Mehrangarh Fort. The sight of the fort lit up as you enjoy exquisite food and drink is an unforgettable experience. A perfect blend of contemporary western and authentic Rajasthani cuisine is served.

Baradari: Baradari offers a range of local and international cuisine including Thai flavours, Mediterranean-inspired dishes, or Rajasthani specialities, Baradari has fine fare to suit your tastes. Views of the fort and the serene atmosphere of the haveli courtyard provide a tranquil backdrop for meals all through day.

Darikhana: The alfresco dining option. Perched on the first floor, above the old stables, this dining venue offers clear views of the Mehrangarh Fort. Evening meals at Darikhana are some of our most popular, where you can see the illuminated fort above and the candlelit Haveli courtyard below. Meals are made from fresh, seasonal, organic herbs and vegetables picked from our chef’s garden.
Cuisine: Indian

The Spa: RAAS in collaboration with Ma Earth present a very special spa offering a more natural and holistic path towards health, beauty and overall well-being. The selection of treatments combines specific therapeutic techniques with potent, natural ingredients to deliver amazing results.

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