Sardar Singh, one of the most powerful Dhodhias of the region , built the Sardargarh Fort from 1738 to 1743. One of the strong and powerful forts Overlooking the lake, surrounded by the magnificent Aravali Hills, the fort is the hidden gem that has beautifully preserved the medieval architecture and offer guests exceptional traditional experience.
The fort’s architecture is grand, fortified with massive ramparts and giant circular bastions. Huge entrances and gateways, concentric walls and imposing arches, domes and vaulted spaces, textured facades and Jharokhas complete the picture of medieval military ambience

The then queens residence “Zanana Mahal” are today the Sardargarh suites.
Each 21 suites are named after the queen who resided in it. Even the decor is in the favourite colours of the respective Queens. As far as possible, the authentic elements of the Fort have been retained in the Hotel

Embark on a gastronomical journey with Forts artisanal dining experiences. Be it Rawla Terrace -The striking rooftop restaurant is ideal for soaking in the iconic view with an amazing food to accompany.

Khush Mahal- With an ambience of timeless traditional beauty and rich history, Khush Mahal is the place for guests to rediscover fine-dining with an extensive menu on offer. The architecture of Khush Mahal is every art lover’s dream.
Neelam Deck – Set in the studding views of Aravali Hills, Neelam Deck is an alfresco restaurant that gives you an opportunity to take in the splendour of nature while making your meal a feast for your senses.

Kacheri- Experience authentic Indian food like never before. Kacheri, the striking restaurant, offers guests a chance to experience all the amazing flavors our Chefs whip up

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