Svatma, Tanjore

Svatma, Thanjavur

Svatma Thanjavur, 150year old home,10 years of pain staking restoration with materials collected over the past decade transformed the Svatma of today. This sweet home presents a unique insight into history, cuisine, culture, art form and wellness of the ancient Tamil Culture.

Seven lovingly restored rooms and suites are complimented with a new millennium block which hosts thirty rooms.

Restaurants Palaharam and Aaharam: The food offerings are vegetarian and mostly organic using local produce.
Svatma helps you understand the culture by providing an insight with a curated experience culinary demonstration, Vedic chanting and discourse on Hinduism and spirituality, classicaldance, music, the art of bronze sculpture, Tanjore painting, crafting of the string instrument, veena, silk weaving and much more.

A ” siddha ” based spa, sound therapy, pool,

The roof top Bar Nila complete Svatma.

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