Taj Mahal Lucknow

Taj Mahal Lucknow

Every passing culture has left an indelible mark on the land, leaving behind an extraordinary blend of influences that’s almost fable-like. And all of this tradition is captured, waiting to be experienced, at the Taj Mahal Lucknow. This amazing 5 star hotel in Lucknow inspires a romance with a coquette called Lucknow.

With al fresco inspired décor, all suites and rooms are the best viewed with curtains open. Summertime is the theme and the soothing colours demand whispered sweet nothings. Comfort and luxury are being surprised by amenities you didn’t even know you needed.

Once the capital of the Awadh region, food, like every other facet of culture, was artistically revered. For this was the land where the “Dum Pukht” style of cooking was invented, alongside Shami Kebabs and more.
Taj Mahal Lucknow offers few choice for your gourmet selection..

Sahib Cafe
This all-day diner has an exotic cross-continental menu that harks back to Lucknow’s colonial past.

More nuanced in its flavours with only a hint of say, rose or sandalwood, this cuisine of the Nawabs is full of nazakat, Urdu for refinement.

Contemporary beats in a Colonial-inspired lounge bar, where the music and drinks flow as naturally as the Gomti.

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