Naksel Boutique Hotel Spa, Paro

Naksel Boutique Hotel Spa, Paro

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Located thirty minutes from Paro International Airport, Naksel Boutique Hotel & Spa is a luxury retreat where the comforts of man and the presence of nature combine for a peaceful escape in the hills of Bhutan.
Nestled on the edge of the national forest and the quiet Ngoba Village, Naksel derives its name from the Dzongka translation of ‘Forest,’ which is only fitting for this Himalayan sanctuary.
The main lodge and surrounding cottages of Naksel rests on more than six acres for forest land, at 2700 meters above sea level.

Menchu Himalayan Herbal Spa
Infusing traditional Bhutanese medicine with Himalayan herbs and massage techniques, MenChu “Medicinal Water Spa” is located in the national forest of Paro, Bhutan, and it specializes in relaxation and healing therapies, such as hot stone bath, adhering to the core ethos of Naksel Boutique hotel and Spa.

Restaurants and Bars
Luxury Dining and Views
Naksel Olive Restaurant is designed with seating capacity of 75 and Naksel Chabchu Bar with seating capacity of 20. Please do come and dine with us where you will be served by our professional team of staff. You can also dine or drink in our cozy In-door Fire Place.

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